Christine woke up in a lot of pain, but it got better with pain meds later in the day. In addition to Christine’s usual rounds and activities of physical, occupational, and speech therapy, an ENT specialist saw her today. He did some procedures to address the remains and effects of internal bleeding, which resulted in Christine being able to breathe through her nose! (Thanks be to God!) He’ll perform a more intensive procedure tomorrow specifically for her left ear, but doesn’t know if that will help her hearing in that ear or not.

Please pray:

  • For Christine’s pain levels to decrease, and (her words) “for the Lord to give her the story for the day, not pain”
  • For hearing ears, seeing eyes, and a smelling nose
  • For the Holy Spirit to guide, protect and administer peace over all that Christine is processing
  • For a deeply peaceful and restoring sleep and strength for continued healing and recovery

Something fun …

Christine oldest son created two videos, which delighted her heart to see. One of Christ Church singing happy birthday to her on Sunday (Cliff stood in for her birthday blessing):

Happy Birthday Christine!

And another of people Christine knows and loves who are a part of Church Under the Bridge (for those who may now know, it’s a church that serves the homeless community in Austin):

Blessings from Church Under the Bridge