Skilled Specialists


Christine is on what’s called a “mechanical soft” diet, but should eventually be able to move towards a normal diet as she works with the speech therapist.  A specialist was able to identity the source of dizziness she was experiencing, and has confidence that it can be corrected. To help Christine’s eyesight improve, they are covering her stronger eye so that the other one – which was most damaged – might learn to work better. She didn’t sleep well last night due to pain.

Please continue to pray:

  • For Christine’s pain levels to decrease, and for healing over areas of swelling, inflammation, and agitation
  • For hearing ears, seeing eyes, and for a breathing, smelling nose
  • For the Holy Spirit to guide, protect and administer peace over all that Christine is processing
  • For a deeply peaceful and restoring sleep, and that she would awaken again and again to new mercies