Bryson OwenChristine

Christine is off all tubes now, and had most of her stitches removed, which meant her hair could be washed, much to her delight. She was moved to a rehab facility today – she’s in a pleasant, open, warm room with a large window overlooking trees. Here, she will work with all sorts of therapists: physical, occupational, and speech.  At some point, they’ll do an angiogram to assess the damage to her carotid arteries, and determine a baseline in order to check on progress later.

Please continue to pray:

  • For peace, protection, and strength over Christine’s heart, mind, and body as she continues to heal and recover and presses into rehabilitation
  • For hearing ears, a breathing nose, and clear eyesight
  • For reduction of swelling and pain
  • For healing of her carotid arteries