Christine had a  sip of DP today – that is, Diet Dr Pepper. She didn’t get the full flavor, but still enjoyed the fizz and some of it’s familiar tastes. She can speak a little bit better, but her voice is strained. (Her throat is presumably recovering from the breathing tube that was removed some days ago.) Christine shuffle-walks with the help of a physical therapist. The medical team is trying to get Christine nutrition through fortified drinks. She can’t yet breath through her nose, and she is not able to hear out of her left ear. The doctors cannot determine if her hearing will return or not, so that is a prayer request. The doctors were pleased with the results of the CT scan to check on the hematoma in her brain. They will continue to monitor her carotid arteries.

Please pray:

  • For peace, protection, and strength over Christine’s heart, mind, and body as she continues to heal and recover
  • For hearing ears and a clearly breathing nose
  • For healing of her carotid arteries
  • That Christine would know the peace, comfort and guidance of her Good Shepherd in her inmost being