The pain and discomfort caused by the breathing tube cannot be overstated. Praise God swelling went down and she was able to breath well enough for it to be removed. Christine is getting some much needed relief. There’s a smaller feeding tube now in place, which is still painful, but not at the excruciating level it was at previously.  More tubes are expected to come out. Christine is writing lots of notes, and will hopefully be able to speak as early as this evening . The pain she communicates having is from the neck up. The doctors hope to have her stand and walk a little bit today.

Please pray:

  • For healing and protection over Christine from infection or any other complications
  • For Christine’s voice to be restored, and for the continued healing and recovery in all parts of her body
  • For her heart, mind, body and spirit to be at peace and guarded through the recovery process
  • For doctors to discern and prioritize best next steps