Pray for Christine


For those​​ who may just be learning about the devastating accident our beloved Christine Warner was in, here’s a synopsis of what’s unfolded this week since the incident of April 10th

Tuesday afternoon, Christine was side swiped by a vehicle while standing on the side of the road. Christine sustained multiple injuries, and was was taken to the emergency room via ambulance, unconscious but breathing. Medical professionals assessed her condition and sought to stabilize her vitals. After several hours in ER, her condition was still critical but stabilized. Her condition: damage to carotid arteries and liver, multiple fractures to her facial bones (all internal, not through the skin) and some broken ribs.

On Wednesday, Christine showed signs of being responsive. It was determined that she needed surgery (craniotomy) to alleviate swelling​ and provide drainage​. The ​two ​procedure​s​ ​were performed according to plan, and had the desired effect.

On Thursday, her swelling subsided considerably and her skin coloration began to become more normal. She was even more responsive, smiling at Cliff and able to grasp hands and make gestures. A breathing tube prevents her from being able to speak, but she was able to communicate by writing on a piece of paper.

On Friday, we rejoiced at considerable signs of improvement. Although she still has the breathing tube, she was able to breathe on her own, and showed signs of being ‘herself’…displaying a hook ’em horns sign with both hands. She communicates with Cliff and the children through signs and gestures and writing, and responds to them when spoken to or asked questions. She knows and recognizes them. She hasn’t been able to open her eyes due to swelling, but the doctor was able to test her eyesight and confirm that she should see normally.

She is receiving excellent care from highly competent medical staff, and has managed to charm at least one nurse with her personality…without speaking a word.

Her greatest discomfort is the breathing tube, so they adjust her pain medication and sedation levels to try and make that as comfortable as possible. She is able to communicate when she is in pain so adjustments can be made.

She is scheduled for reconstruction surgery to her facial bones on Tuesday. The fractures are numerous, and the surgery is expected to take 6-7 hours. Thanks to modern technology, scarring​ should be minimal, and she is expected to look like the Christine we know and love. After the surgery, they should be able to remove the breathing tube, and that will be a very welcome change for her.

Please pray:

  • For her blood and circulation to flow freely where it’s supposed to, there’s continued risk of blood clotting
  • For clear lungs and breathing, as there’s a chance that pneumonia could develop
  • For restoration and healing of her carotid arteries and liver (an organ which can heal on it’s own…amazing)
  • Pray for pain alleviation and continued healing and strength for upcoming surgeries