Parabola of Redemption

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes, Frontpage News

Dear Christ Church,

We’re about to hit the low point. James Stewart writes about a theologian who “ . . . has expressed it memorably in his great picture of the parabola of redemption. A parabola extends in two directions: the gradient comes steeply down from above, but ‘when it has reached the lowest point of the curve it strains upward again to return to the region whence it came.’ In the sacrifice of Christ, it is our desperate plight that determines the steepness of the gradient: The lowest point of the curve must pass through the fearful pit and the miry clay.”

Where are you on the curve? Holy Week acknowledges the wounds of the world, the “desperate plight” of humanity, from global crises to our own terrifying March in Austin and, even closer to home, the sin in our own hearts right now. Part of the glory of the gospel is that Jesus takes our plight with him, our sin and sorrow wrapped up in his, and carries it to the cross. Holy Week invites us to walk with Jesus through this story of our redemption.

Palm Sunday—Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem and a “readers’ theatre” of the passion narrative from the gospel of St. Mark.
Maundy Thursday—A beautiful Tenebrae service with Holy Eucharist and the stripping of the altar.
Good Friday—Reflections by seven individuals on Jesus’ “seven last words” from the cross. This is a fantastic service for bringing a friend, as we hear personal stories of pain and redemption.
Easter Sunday—There is nothing like the Feast of the Resurrection after observing a Holy Lent and Holy Week. Bring another friend!

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