Property Update: January 2018

Bryson OwenLove Where We Live, Property Update

Dear Christ Church,

The Medina street property is changing quickly! I’m really excited to share with you what’s been going on. Just in the last two weeks we have hit a major milestone for the project: transition from Phase 1 (the south half) to Phase 2(the north half) of the renovation. Don’t miss the video walkthrough at the end of this note to see the latest!

As we approached the completion of Phase 1 a couple of challenges came to light with which we had to contend. Most significantly we were navigating the design and installation of a new electrical transformer with Austin Energy. Though we knew coordinating this installation with the rest of the project would be tricky, it took even longer than anyone expected. To keep up the pace of work on the rest of the project we elected to move the staff out of the building for a couple of months. The team is getting quite cozy in our temporary space. This move also gave us a great opportunity to partner with a Medina neighbor, Artesia Real Estate, and strengthen our connection to the East Cesar Chavez area. We hope to get back into the offices at Medina in March!

Phase 2 is the renovation of the main hallway, offices, classrooms and sanctuary. The asbestos containing materials were removed over the last week with the demolition crew close on their heels as the space became safe for work. From there the crews will move into new wall framing, air conditioning systems, electrical and plumbing, making a seamless tie-in with Phase 1.

As we look ahead and anticipate what God is doing, I encourage you to come to the Annual Parish Meeting on February 11th at 10:15 (in between services) to get a full report on Deep Roots New Season and a review of 2017.

-Bryson Owen

Director of Operations