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Dear Christ Church,

Praise God for His provision, as giving met budget in 2017 and we’ve been able to start 2018 in a healthy financial position, a pivotal and historic year in the story of Christ Church. On Sunday, February 11th, we will hold our Annual Parish Meeting between services at 10am. Please plan to join us for a financial report on 2017, the presentation of the 2018 budget, a property update, and my brief reflections on the where God is taking us as a parish.

On Sunday February 4th, we begin a four-week series on “Generativity.” If it weren’t so long, I’d give it the subtitle: “joining god in making all things new in the church and world.” We will look to Holy Scripture, building on the work of artist Mako Fujimura, that kingdom people are a generative people. Two and a half years ago I wrote about this idea here in CliffNotes:

“In his book, Culture Care, Fujimura describes the generative life in terms of other words with the same root: generations, generous, and genesis.  A generative life thinks generationally, considers how our life contributes to others, those who came before us and who will remain after us. A generative life is also generous, tapped into mindset of bounty, not scarcity, grateful for the abundance of God’s creative goodness and giving abundantly of ourselves and resources. A generative life also pays attention to what he calls “genesis moments,” the seminal moments of our life, often an experience of pain or failure, but also moments of epiphany, that give birth to unexpected and redemptive flourishing.”

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