Property Update: November 2017

Bryson OwenLove Where We Live, Property Update

Dear Christ Church,

So much work has been happening at the Medina property!  During the last update in September, I shared with you highlights of the groundbreaking ceremony we hosted and what a meaningful time of prayer, commissioning and hopeful imagining it was.
Since then the general contractor, BEC Austin, has removed truckloads of interior walls, ceiling materials, old air conditioning equipment and all the roof material from the south half of the building, known as Phase 1.  The concentration of their work then turned to replacement of the roof, coordinated with new air conditioning equipment, electrical and plumbing systems, wall framing, structural reinforcement and an untold number of other hidden details.  The pace has really picked up on our ambitious schedule!  Each day we have anywhere from four to fifteen workers on site, and I am proud to say they are excellent at their craft and good partners for a very dynamic renovation.  As in any renovation there are a multitude of secrets the walls hide until we unveil them through demolition.  God has given us a great team of architects and contractors to negotiate all the little twists and turns of this project’s path to completion.

In the vein of God providing great partners on this project, I want to introduce to you Westshop Design who we’ve commissioned to bring creative and professional services to the landscape design.  Together with a few representatives from the parish, we are moving through a design process that will soon produce fully realized landscape plans for the property.  Alisa West, of Westshop, is a great asset to the project team and I can’t wait to share with you the highlights of this plan.

As we look forward into the next couple of months we approach several significant milestones including inspections of the first phase of work, completion of the new electrical utility service and the transition of the staff to their new offices.  Also on the horizon, in the spring of 2018, is the finish line for the Deep Roots New Season financial giving period.  In love and thankfulness, I encourage  you to continue to give according to God’s direction for you.  If you are new to Christ Church or maybe you’re wondering how you can contribute and need more information, please contact me!

Finally, it’s been painstakingly regurgitated that a picture is worth, well, a lot of words, but maybe a video can say even more! Take a 2-minute tour of the building to see the progress with your own eyes below.  I hope you are encouraged!

-Bryson Owen

Director of Operations