Just The Beginning

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes, Frontpage News

Today’s CliffNotes is a guest post by David McLaughlin, Senior Warden of the Vestry.

Dear Christ Church,

When we (Amy and I) first came to Christ Church, we knew the service would be a Eucharistic liturgy, the form of worship that we desired as it centered us on a weekly basis.  Christ Church immediately felt like home as we were invited into a particular beauty of Christ that we had not experienced before.  The liturgy was centered on Christ, infused with the Spirit, formed by Scripture.  And the parish was warm.  We were drawn in.  We are so grateful for you – the community of believers known as Christ Church Anglican in Austin, Texas.

There are many things that we love about Christ Church, but I can only name a few in this note.  We love the Sunday service and the worshipful and prayerful participation of the Christ Church community.  We love the sacramental spirituality of the parish that gives honor to all work and the ordinary with the view of God redeeming all of creation.  We love that the parish plays and lives together in such forms as the Parish Retreat, the Ceili & Chili Cookoff (which is soon approaching on December 3rd), small groups, and many other avenues.  We love the missional heart of the community for Austin and other parts of the world.  Through these things with God’s grace, we have been formed and will never be the same.

Since my time on Vestry, Christ Church has been going through a time of transition (good transitions such as sending our Associate Rector to plant a church, sending an Executive Pastor to be Rector at an out-of-state parish, purchasing property, and having a capital campaign, to name a few).  There’s also been some waiting (permitting, permitting, permitting and an Associate Rector search).  We are now on the cusp of a new chapter in the life of our parish with the renovation of our 112 Medina Street property in full swing and the coming of our new Associate Rector, Matt Dampier, and his family.

I am excited about our eventual move into our new neighborhood.  The building is not an end but only the beginning of having a base for our community to serve the city of Austin and the wider world.  From early on, the image that I have carried for the property is as a sanctuary sitting at a crossroads in our city.

The approach of Christ Church leadership to our new location has been prayerful and thoughtful.  I am excited to see how the Lord leads us in the use of our facility for the good of many:  the opportunities to serve the surrounding community in development and evangelism; the discipleship and spiritual growth of our community; and our participation as ministers in different spheres of life such as families, neighbors, workers, teachers, and artists.

“We are called to be a people of changed lives in the heart of our city, mending our world for the praise of God’s glory.”