A Great Dinner Conversation

Drew SmithCliffNotes, Frontpage News

Dear Christ Church,

Have you ever had a great dinner conversation? One marked by joy and mutual respect? About a truly important matter? Where you learned something and felt something? Where you not only discovered someone else’s viewpoint but also matured your own?

I’ll admit, with two small kids, our dinner conversations are more likely to be about how many bites of vegetables are to be eaten! Maybe that is why I cannot wait for Parish Retreat! It’s because Parish Retreat feels like one great dinner conversation after another!

And what a substantial topic we have for this year! I know there’s been communication about “Love Where We Live” for a few months now. But, I also know it still feels a little vague, a little abstract. What does it really mean? What does God think about it? What does it look like to truly live it out? What we need now is to experience the topic as a great dinner conversation among family!

At Parish Retreat, you’ll be sitting around tables with new friends and old. We’ll feast and have fun on Friday night, getting to know each other and this place we all share. Then, on Saturday, we’ll expand our conversation to include the Scriptures. Using the same interactive style of Bible Study we enjoyed last year, we’ll explore God’s Word together and seek his perspective on place. What is the intersection of our affection for our place and our worship of the one who made it? How do we express God’s mission not only in our “going” but also in our “staying” and loving our place? What are practical next steps for loving the place you personally live and the place we all share around our church property?

I don’t yet have good answers for those questions! And that’s exciting for me. I want to learn from you. I want to sit with you under God’s Word. I guess what I’m saying is, I want to have a great dinner conversation with you!

I haven’t even mentioned some of the other amazing parts of Parish Retreat! Sunday worship and baptisms and frisbee and campfires and prayer and rest and great content for our kids and on and on. I hope you’ll join us for Parish Retreat, both for what you’ll gain but also because we’d love to have your voice join in the family conversation!

Hope to see you there,