Hodgepodge Friday

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes, Frontpage News

Dear Christ Church,

Decisions. A husband and wife have been praying about whether to purchase a home, but have reached different conclusions. A church board is in conflict about how to respond to a difficult personnel issue. An individual has a lucrative job offer in another state, but hates the idea of leaving the community she feels such a part of. How do we determine God’s will when making these kinds of decisions? This workshop is hosted by Lumen, a new organization started by some Christ Churchers. Come explore the topic of spiritual discernment with David Wu, drawing insights from the Bible and exploring principles of discernment taught by St. Ignatius of Loyola. Saturday May 27, 9am-12pm, all the details here.

Marriage. Every marriage needs attentive care. They are like houses, which need good foundations, maintenance and sometimes repair.  The Alpha Marriage Class is helpful for marriages in any of those three states.  It includes a brief teaching and a lovely dinner during which just you and your spouse discuss the theme for the night. Christine and I have been through this, and led, more than once and have been helped  every time. See details below.

Civility. We have heard it and observed it for quite a while now: our culture is polarized with heated and often uncharitable discourse. Christian civility is about more that good manners; it’s about fair and respectful exchanges when in engaging difference, and seeing the image of God in every person we encounter. The Bible calls it gentleness, which is a fruit of the Spirit. Austin Mayor Steve Adler declared this May “Revive Civility Month.” What if the church could show our society the way forward in this virtue?

Have a great weekend!