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Guest SpeakerCliffNotes

CliffNotes this week is guest-posted by Rachel Spies.

The first time I walked into the room hosting my then church’s preschool mom’s ministry all my fears of inadequacy came true. I looked around completely overwhelmed. These moms! They were together.  I mean, as in, showered, hair dried AND styled, dressed in real clothes – not some version of outside the

house pajamas that I had been sporting the last six-months – wearing make-up, and all at 8:30 in the morning. There was a buffet table that spanned one whole wall of the room filled with more breakfast dishes than I knew existed. Each dish was labeled with a little chalkboard sign to identify it, and at the end of the table there was a crepe station. I left that first meeting thinking if this is what it took to be a good mom- regular showers and crepe stations – then I was going to fail miserably.

What I’ve learned since that experience over ten years ago is there are many different ways to be a good mom, and crepe stations are rarely involved. However, I have found a few essentials to motherhood, mainly, a deep commitment to prayer, the help of the Holy Spirit, and authentic friendships to share both the joys and hardships of raising a human with.

It is with these essentials in mind, as well as the other core beliefs of Christ Church, that I get to help lead MOLO (or Mothers of Little Ones). Our team’s vision is to support the mothers of small children at Christ Church in a community which draws each closer to Christ and his strength. Lately we have focused on total health with the belief that the mental, physical, and spiritual are all connected as we pursue fellowship and deeper community with one another. We have practiced Holy Yoga together, learned the habit of belly breaths, been led in inductive bible studies, and prayed for each other. As I look to the semester ahead, I look forward to welcoming new moms with new babies, and encouraging them they are perfectly suited to do this motherhood job with Christ by their side, no crepes required.