Come to the Table

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Dear Christ Church,

We love to eat, and we love people!  These two loves merge at “Come to the Table.”    Reach out to your friends who don’t know Christ; join us for a fabulous dinner at a quaint restaurant, and learn more about the broad spectrum of concerns related to a very simple part of our lives: food. We will talk about the relationship of food to beauty, justice, community and sustainability, and how these themes intersect with the Christian faith.  Join us at FoodHeads Restaurant to “dig in,” but in order to come you must bring a guest who has no church home. 

This is the perfect event for the spiritually curious or even skeptical friend to be gently introduced to Christ and his people, especially if they enjoy cooking, hospitality, or growing their own food. But really, it’s for anyone who likes good food and good conversation. Who would you like to invite? Mark your calendar for Wed., Oct 26; see details below (rsvp required). 


PS  We have two more Sundays with the Brown family! Check out the details for an Open House goodbye gathering on Oct. 22, and please bring a card expressing your appreciation for Bryan’s service among us.