Fall Kickoff This Sunday!

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Dear Christ Church Family,

I am really excited about what God is doing among us this fall. We are kicking it off with joy and anticipation this Sunday as we all gather at our Medina St. property for both services.

5 Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss this Sunday’s Kickoff:

  1. Because I will do an “Instructed Eucharist,” where I provide commentary on why we do what we do in Anglican worship.
  2. Because you will see people you’ve missed lately, as everyone returns from summer travels.
  3. Because we will worship God in the downtown Eastside, in our Medina St. property.
  4. Because there will be great fun, food, and parish fellowship following the second service . . . see below for party details.
  5. Because you will “make new friends and keep the old ones,” (remember that children’s song?) as we hang out after worship and sign up for small groups.

Are you in a small group? The are the place at Christ Church to form new friendships, grow spiritually, and walk with each other through our ups and downs in the presence of God . . . the place to become human.

“The whole person is a person who is on the one side open to God, and on the other side open to other human persons. It has been said that there is no true person unless there are two entering into communication with one another. The isolated individual is not a real person. A real person is one who lives in and for others.” (Bishop Kallistos Ware)

Join us for the Feast this Sunday!