Hodgepodge Friday

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Can it be called an announcement, when it’s one year old news? A little over a year ago our Bishop asked me to serve as the Dean of Texas, which means providing pastoral oversight, care and communication, on behalf of Bishop Todd to the clergy of our diocese who serve parishes in Texas. This is a way that Christ Church and I are able to serve our diocese and North American Anglicanism as a church in communion. I care for pastors, for their flourishing and health and families. Next week I will spend a couple of days in North Texas meeting with a dozen deacons and priests, one-on-one and together. If you keep a prayer list, please add my role as Dean. I’d be grateful for your prayers for me, and for our diocesan clergy.

Parish Property Update. If you missed the meeting last weekend, you won’t want to miss this visual presentation and this audio recording of our exciting plans going forward with the Medina St. property.

Please make note of the sign up-opportunities now available (below) to participate in our 24hr. Prayer Vigil, which concludes with a Concert of Prayer in two weeks. We will seek the face of God, around the clock and on site, for our parish, our mission and our own knowledge of His shining glory and grace.

This weekend we celebrate our independence as a nation, our love of this land and people, this complex beautiful story we share and our hopes for the future, our freedoms and the accompanying responsibilities to serve the common good. May the church of God, through Jesus Christ, be leaven in our land. Enjoy the extended weekend!