Discipling Our Youth

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

This week’s CliffNotes is guest-authored by Sarah Smith, Pastoral Assistant.

Dear Christ Church,

“Will I even like teenagers?” I remember asking myself this as I headed into leading the Youth Catechesis Class.

I flashed back to my own youth group where, having just become a believer at the age of 15, I saw people eating pudding through pantyhose wrapped over their faces. This was not my scene. Fifteen years later I was about to be working with high school students at Christ Church, and I skeptically wondered if this would be a good fit.

Friends, the Lord surprised me greatly! My heart quickly grew for the young men and women in that group, and I began to dream and pray for the youth of Christ Church. Here are a few reasons why we love our youth at Christ Church:

  • God is with and among them. God is seeking these youth! He has made himself present to them, and tenderly engages them as they step more and more into the realities of the world we live in.
  • They ask good questions. Their growing faith is often expressed through questions, and they are good ones! It’s a delight to enter into the questions with them, and a joy, challenge, and honor to lead them into knowing the Lord intellectually and experientially
  • Their discipleship choices matter greatly. They’re starting to own their faith in new ways. They are faced with simple yet significant choices like, “Will I pray and read Scripture today?” Students start the exciting and scary process of differentiating from parents, and make choices about who they want to be. What amazing opportunities await them!
  • They are often prophets to the Church. They are the first in our community who are likely to say, “This doesn’t seem right!” Single-hearted devotion and tenacious truth-seeking in the lives of youth shape our own love of the Lord. They won’t let us off the hook the way other adults will, and it’s a gift.

Youth matter to Christ Church, and youth leaders and I have already begun to talk and dream about new ways in which we can create space for students to encounter the Living God and be discipled in timely and lasting ways.

I invite you to consider participating in this new season of youth ministry:

  • Parents: Join me for a brief time between services (10:35am) on Sunday, May 15th in the Mezzanine to hear a bit more about youth going forward!
  • All: Please join me in celebrating and praying for all the Lord will do in and through our youth, and let me know if you are interested in serving on our team