Children’s Ministry Update

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Dear Christ Church,

Someone recently asked me to describe the children’s ministry in three words. There are so many things I want for the kids at Christ Church. I want them to be awestruck lovers of Jesus, secure in their need for and access to grace. I want them to interact with the world in a truthful, playful way that draws others to ask what is the hope that they have. I want them to experience the power of God in heart encounters as well as in others so they begin to form their own narrative within the great Story.

Boiling that down to three words is hard, but so far I’ve landed on Engaged Gospel Community.

A huge part of engaging kids’ hearts, imprinting them with the Gospel, and building authentic community happens on Sunday mornings. That is by far my favorite time of the entire week, getting to be with children and volunteers around the Word and worship. It always surprises me what a ‘thin space’ it is: it seems the Holy Spirit is eager to be with children.

Another vital part of developing an engaged Gospel community of children is building relationships with people who are different than we are. This June, we’re launching our first Vacation Bible School at 112 Medina as an outreach to the surrounding neighborhood. We have been semi-incognito for the past year of inhabiting that space, but now we’re flinging wide the doors and inviting elementary kids from the 78702 ZIP code to come have the time of their lives, hear about Jesus, and eat a free hot lunch.

I would like to invite you to engage with Christ Church’s Gospel community of children this Summer and Fall. Here’s how:

o Sunday mornings: We are looking for volunteers to lead activities for elementary and middle school students for 4-6 weeks . If you’re interested in learning more, please fill out this form!

o VBS: We need Christ Churchers of all stripes to help us pull this off: set builders, crew leaders, greeters, hospitality aficionados, people handy with a camera, etc. We would love to have you join the team – and bring your kids! We’re opening up a limited number of spots to Christ Church kids if they come with a parent who is volunteering. You can sign up here or email me for details. It’s going to be epic so don’t miss out.

I am ever grateful to be a part of the beautiful family at Christ Church!


Bekah Powell
Children’s Ministry Director