Four Spotlights

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

There are four spotlights I want to shine on some people of Christ Church, their vocation and work, and how they are serving our parish and world.

1] First, if you have never met John Nehme, President and CEO of Allies Against Slavery, grab him on a Sunday or for coffee and hear about the amazing work that Allies is doing to make Austin a slave-free city. Better yet, sign up for the excellent Slave Free City Summit April 22-23, which John and his team will be directing here in Austin.

2] Eric Stumberg and Bryan Brown are passionate about helping people understand that we are all called to our work in the world. Our daily work is a divine vocation (from the Latin vocare, which means “to call”), charged with the beauty and goodness of God, and with eternal significance. They have coordinated an outstanding series on Faith and Business with guest speakers from the faculty of Seattle Pacific University, which culminates next Thursday, April 21st with Bruce Baker. Bruce is a CalTech physicist, Stanford MBA, and entrepreneur-turned-pastor trained at some of the best theological institutions in the world. Bruce will talk about the high calling of serving Christ within business and therole of the local church in equipping, forming, and sending its lay leaders to live out thiscalling.

3] Drew and Sarah Smith have been attending and serving at Christ Church for several years, with Sarah now completing an internship on staff. If you missed last week’s e-news, check it out for a staffing update. Bottom line: we are super blessed to have her remain on staff, and have Drew Smith join our staff, both part-time and both as Pastoral Assistants! By the way, youth ministry is one of the arenas where Sarah discovered vision and passion during her internships. She will take Brian Murphy’s place leading our fantastic Youth Ministry Team. Is your teen signed up for the youth retreat?

4] Lastly, I want to spotlight Brian Murphy, who has served and loved us so well in his role overseeing our operations for the past five years. Mark your calendar to celebrate with us his ordination May 29th, and the Murphy family’s final Sunday, June 5th.