4 Excellent Formation Opportunities

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Dear Christ Church,

I would like to invite you to consider these 4 ways to seek the transforming presence of our God in your life, as Lent comes to a close:

1] Engage Palm Sunday and Holy Week services. As we approach the Feast of the Resurrection, we begin this Palm Sunday walking daily with Jesus through his final week (see details below). Let me suggest that these are not just “good services” that you will “get something out of.” Rather, they are a disciplined participation in the cruciform and risen life of our Lord, and in the Anglican stream of the global family of God.

2] Listen to the past two sermons, if you missed them. Recent Sundays have focused on the story of David and Bathsheba, looking at the topics of sexual sin, sexual brokenness, abuse of power, and violence against women, from both male and female voices in the text and in the pulpit (last week Sarah Smith and I shared the sermon). The good news? . . . freedom and hope abound through Jesus Christ. Please contact the church if you would like to speak to a pastor, make confession with a priest, or get professional referrals to pursue healing.

3] Sign up for one of our Monday School classes. In April and May we have three classes planned to help grow: Introduction to Anglicanism, Engaging Culture & Callings, and a marriage enrichment class called Money, Sex, and In-laws. You can sign up here.

4] Get Confirmed as an Anglican. Check this out for some of my thoughts on confirmation and being Anglican. Note: in order to be confirmed, you must have taken our Introduction to Anglicanism class, or our Youth Catechism class. Our next Bishop’s visit and Confirmation will be May 29th.