Big News for the Murphy Family

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Dear Christ Church,

What a generative year we have had! More on that in a moment… When Brian and Tamara Murphy joined the staff of Christ Church four and a half years ago, we realized quickly that Brian’s calling and giftings were those of a pastor, a shepherd. There was a sense in me that part of Brian’s purpose in being at Christ Church was that God would be preparing him to lead a parish one day.

During this time Brian not only has served Christ Church with great skill and a big heart, but has also completed theological studies and will soon complete the ordination process in preparation for pastoral ministry. This June we will be sending Brian out to serve in Fairfield, Connecticut, where he has accepted the call as the next Rector of an Anglican parish.

Yes, I will miss Brian personally, as a friend and colleague, and as part of our staff team, BUT I am also thrilled to see him step further into his calling.This next step for Brian and Tamara is consonant with our vision to be a generative people, a people who are filled with the Spirit of God generating new leaders and priests for the church of God and the good of the world, generating creative lives of blessing, generating whole-life disciples, generating new ministries and churches, partnering with God for the making of shalom in the city of Austin and now Fairfield, Connecticut. God has good and beautiful things ahead for the Murphy’s and for Christ Church alike.

I am really proud of Christ Church as a strong, healthy, vibrant community of faith in the heart of Austin who is raising up leaders for the kingdom and sending them out to be further generative lights of strength, health, and vibrancy in outposts of this busted up world.

Please take a moment to read this letter from Brian, regarding this exciting new stage of his life and ministry.