Crossing Thresholds

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Today’s Cliff Notes is written by Sarah Smith, Pastoral Intern at Christ Church.

I saw a bumper sticker heading into the office today that read: “FOLLOW ME TO CERTAIN DEATH.” Is it wrong to say I kind of wanted to follow him? Make no mistake; I want to live a long and full life on this earth! But there was something about it that made me curious. Sure, he could be off his rocker. He could have that bumper sticker as a way of saying, “I carry a firearm, and I shoot first and ask questions later.” And yet…what if he pulled into a McDonalds? Or a gym? Or even a church? The next stop makes a world of difference! I did not follow him, but I’m left thinking about it.

One of the thresholds of faith – the common steps people take toward making a decision of faith – Cliff mentioned last Sunday is moving from complacency to curiosity. I can’t help but think about the way the cruciform life – like that bumper sticker – is terrifying and yet attractive. Unlike the bumper sticker, there is trustworthy and potent gift of life that awaits “whoever loses his life for [Jesus’] sake and the gospel’s” (Mark 8:35).

As we seek to live curious, cruciform lives, how might we love people well and invite them into relationship with our curious, cruciform God? How do we live faithfully, responsive to the Spirit between our polite introductions and the moment – if it comes – we directly and verbally invite them to give their lives to the King?

I invite you to attend “…But What Next?!” this weekend as we consider this very question (details below). If there were “thresholds of evangelism”, I would guess for some of us coming out to this gathering might be one the Lord is asking you to cross. Is it time to reflect on or refine the way you love others? Is it time to – in the midst of discouragement or apathy – offer yourself anew to the ministry of reconciliation? May we see the fingerprints of God together and respond in step with His Spirit!

Grace and peace,