New Vestry Candidates

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes


Dear Christ Church,

On behalf of the Vestry, I am pleased to present our new Vestry candidates, Candi Wendt and Tim Harstad, both of who have served and loved our parish in several different capacities for many years. Tim is the man pictured in scrubs in the back of a pickup during one of our mission trips to Guatemala. Candi is the woman on the left, holding one of her favorite chickens. I’ll let them introduce themselves in their owns words.

Hello, Christ Church! My name is Candi Wendt and I am excited and humbled to serve on the Vestry of such a faithful community of believers, especially one that I dearly love. God brought my family to Christ Church almost 8 years ago and it has been one of the biggest blessings of my life. I am happy to share the details, just ask! In the time I have been here, it has been my pleasure to have served as a Kids Quest teacher, with Church Under the Bridge, in Guatemala at Potter’s House, in the Healing Prayer Ministry and currently helping to facilitate the Women’s Bible Study. I have been married for 28 years to my high school sweet heart and best Friend, Chip. We have one daughter, Lily. She is almost 16 and, besides being ready and eager to drive, is passionate about music and writing. Chip and I own FoodHeads, a restaurant near campus which God has greatly blessed us with. Through our passion for cooking and hospitality, we are able to minister the lovely central Austin neighborhood that surrounds us.

Tim Harstad: “I was born January 18th a long time ago. The third of four sons born to Rueben and Opal Harstad. Having been raised and educated in Wisconsin I was also confirmed in the Lutheran Church. After meeting Beverly, while in medical school, we were married in 1977. Our family moved to Austin in 1994. We have three daughters who are married and consequently we are proud grandparents of eight wonderful grandchildren. Having come to faith in 1970 I have seen God’s great goodness to me and my family prior to and subsequent to my conversion.Currently I am a practicing physician trained in Maternal Fetal Medicine and have an interest and some experience in medical missions. My favorite authors include Dallas Willard and John Stott. Bev and I are very pleased to be a part of Christ Church.”

This is a good moment to remind you of the purpose of the Vestry, which we cover in the Membership Class (this is also a good time to invite you to our next Membership Class, Feb. 28th!) According to our denominational Canons, the Vestry is “responsible for the temporalities of the congregation and, except where otherwise provided by canon, supports the clergy in the spiritual leadership of the congregations.”

This finds expression in 6 arenas: 1) they are dedicated to prayer and fasting on behalf of the church and her mission; 2) they protect the core values of the church; 3) they exercise gifts of wisdom, discernment and counsel, working closely with the Rector regarding the church and her mission; 4) they have full and final authority for all matters related to the facility and finance of the church; 5) they assist the Rector in guarding the unity of the church, crisis response, and encouraging the clergy and staff; 6) they lead by example in the church through Christian maturity, stewardship and servanthood. The Vestry commends both Candi and Tim to our parish, for faithful fulfillment of these responsibilities. Please join us for our parish vote and affirmation of these candidates on January 17th, during the 11am service.

Those whose terms will continue into 2016 are Evelyn Beauchamp, Paula Wendling, Mike Murphy, and David McLaughlin (Senior Warden). Please feel free to get in touch with any of them or me if you have any questions.

Lastly, we say goodbye to Eric Kaufman and Blake Mathews, whose three-year terms have now expired. Please join me in expressing deep gratitude for their sacrifice of time and energy in service of our Lord and this parish. They have loved us well, and will be missed!

Joyful in this journey with you,