The HodgePodge

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Dear Christ Church,

I want to tell you about three great ways to connect to what God is doing from Austin to the ends of the earth.

1] In Austin: On Sunday, September 20, we will hold our next Membership Class, an opportunity to further explore who God is and how He is at work through this particular expression of the body of Christ. Is God inviting you to move from the margins of the community to wholehearted engagement? Come join us! See details below.

2] All over the earth: As an Anglican church we are part of a global and historic family of churches. THIS Sunday, the 13th, we begin a 4-week class on The Anglican Way, taught by Dr. Jonathan Koefoed, a member of Christ Church and lecturer in history and religion at the University of Texas. See details below.

3] In Phnom Penh: Lastly, during worship this Sunday, we will hear a report from some parishioners who were in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, this summer, helping to establish a new Global Partnership. We have committed to a long-term relationship with the Anglican church in Phnom Penh to see the gospel transform lives and communities in the capital city of a country that is only 1% Christian. We will hear about it this Sunday, but see details below for another opportunity to learn more in-depth about this exciting new work.


P.S. This Sunday we resume our prologue to the soon-coming sermon series on A Heart for God: The Epic Life of David