Ordinary Made Extraordinary

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

This week’s CliffNotes is a guest post by Pastoral Intern Sarah Smith.

Dear Christ Church,

“Time to start putting dates on the calendar.” We received schedules for the kids’ school yesterday, and along with them the realization that summer is slowly giving way to the necessary preparation for the school year.

I love that part of the liturgical season of Ordinary Time takes place in summer. Kids are up and out later, filling sidewalks and streets with activity. The traffic around UT abates and commutes are less remarkably good or bad – they just are. Even for those whose lives are less affected by the academic calendar, there is something on an elemental level that speaks to the time being ordinary, yet touched by God’s goodness to us.

The sun is bright and high, filling places with more light than they are likely to see at other times, long into the evening. Water becomes one of our favorite things – soaking ourselves in swimming pools, taking cooler showers, and ice-cold drinks saturate our lives.

This time is also speckled with special events that teach us to love others and see the world as He sees it. Visiting friends and family, travel, and mission trips often serve as the punctuation marks of summer. Jesus showed himself fond of the ordinary in his teachings; food, nature, and everyday work feature prominently. These ordinary gifts of God not only sustain us; they enliven us.

The dates on the calendar are not unwelcome. They are not the end of this Ordinary Time and especially not the end of extraordinary grace! They are merely an invitation to continue embracing God’s creation and the earthly-yet-heavenly teachings of our Savior amidst cycles of work and rest. May we continue to see Christ in the ordinary and worship.