A Storehouse of Riches

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

This week’s CliffNotes is a guest post by Worship Pastor Bryan Brown.

Dear Christ Church,

It’s funny, but each time I write CliffNotes I am returning from an exciting event. This time, Brian Murphy and I were in Dallas meeting with Bishop Todd Hunter and other leaders from across the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA). This group, convened by Todd and The Rev. David Roseberry, rector of Christ Church Plano, was tasked with considering a critical question: how can Anglicanism press more fully into ministry in a culture that is increasingly disinterested in the Gospel and quickly becoming fully secular and post-Christian?

I hate to tell you, but we didn’t figure that out in the eight hours we met together. What we did discover more fully is that there is a robust consensus across ACNA about the absolute necessity for the church to actively answer that question and do so in a way that is fully faithful to the Gospel, obedient to Holy Scripture, and embracing of the riches of our Anglican heritage in theology and worship.

There was a missiologist invited to join the group as well; a man named David Fitch, who thinks and writes on the topic of contemporary church/culture dynamics. He was asked to listen to us Anglicans talk, reflect on what he heard us saying, and where we fit within broader North American Christianity. What he said stuck with me. At the end of the day, he said (I paraphrase): Anglicanism has a wealth to offer broader evangelical Christianity. With our grounding in a sacramental view of the world, one in which all things – our hearts, our families, our jobs, our cities, our nation – are places that God longs to bring his life, love, healing, and ordering, we have a lot to both teach and model for the broader church, which is seeking new ways to see people more fully formed and transformed by the Gospel of Jesus in all aspects of their lives.

He said we have a storehouse of riches that we need to figure out how to open to the broader Church and to the world. That reminder was certainly encouraging and motivating to me. It also made me so thankful for Christ Church, a community where we endeavor to live as whole-life disciples, shaped and formed by God’s word and sacrament, and propelled out as his image bearers to work and play in Austin, living as incarnational witnesses to God’s power and active work making all things new for his glory.

Let it be, Lord, and more for the honor of your name!