Worshipping with Our Bodies

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

It’s here. This Sunday is the culmination of our discernment for Deep Roots, New Season.

We are sensory creatures. Donald Baillie ponders this as he asks, “What is there inhuman nature and human needs and our human situation, what is there in the Christianfaith, the Christian Gospel, the Christian salvation, what is there in the nature of the divine grace and its ways of working, to demand this strange visible, tangible expression, in material things and in perceptible actions, which we call sacramental?”

It’s inescapable; we are glorious creatures with redeemed bodies, living in a world of wonder. Our expressions of love, hope, grief, joy, anger, delight and gratitude take shape in laughter, gift-giving, tears, meals, acts of service, and physical gestures.

This Sunday, together, we will give “visible, tangible expression” to our participation in God’s mission for Christ Church. We will take pen in hand to complete our 2 pledge cards (regular annual pledge and Deep Roots New Season pledge), move our individual bodies to the front, forming one corporate body, and place them on the altar, were we will soon celebrate Holy Eucharist, one of the two Sacraments our Lord commanded. “Eucharist,” in fact, means “thanksgiving.” And that’s what our generosity is all about, our response of gratitude for God’s broken body and shed blood, and our hope for others in our city to taste and see that He is good.

Eager to worship with you this Sunday!