The Feast

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

I can’t wait each morning to open my email and read the Deep Roots, New Seasondevotional of the day, written by one of you.
They are so honestandinspiring,funny and transparent, stories of hungry hearts that have been satisfied by Jesus and nourished among his people at Christ Church.

In the past few weeks we have clarified and united around our vision to see hungry hearts, in East Austin and all over our city, feast upon the gospel of Jesus Christ. Each of us is in discernment about how to connect to God’s purposes for Christ Church, how to practice the kind of sacrificial generosity needed to see our calling fulfilled.

With just over a week left before we conclude Deep Roots, New Season, I want to ask every member to join us in this extraordinary moment. We have an opportunity to be a generation that God uses to chart the course for the next sixty years of our parish that was planted by another generation with bold faith sixty years ago. Many of us have never been part of such a pivotal moment in the history of a church; this might be, for some of us, the only time in our lives that we are invited to play a leading role in establishing a long-term outpost of the kingdom in the heart of our city.

On March 8th we will celebrate two commitments: our regular annual pledge and our Deep Roots, New Season three-year commitment, which is over and above our regular giving. Here’s how you can be a part of it.

As we have been privileged to witness each other’s stories of redemption in our Deep Roots New Season daily devotions, may we also hear in the years to come from others whom we’ve not yet met, who will one day speak of the mercy of Jesus Christ that delivered them into his kingdom of light and freedom through the mission of Christ Church, and on account of our obedient response to God’s call in this season.