Hearing God’s Voice

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Dear Christ Church,

In case you missed it, last Sunday I began Deep Roots, New Season with a sermon laying out our vision. If you weren’t there, I hope you can give it a listen online; it’s the foundation ofeverything else we are talking about in this four-week adventure, culminating with ourcommitments together in worship on March 8th.

I’m already hearing inspiring stories of people at Christ Church processing the decision of how much to commit over a three year period, stories of creativity and sacrificial generosity, stories of youth and children even wanting to play their part in the story.

The best word for this process of decision-making is “discernment,” which suggests more than data analysis. Spiritual discernment implies the need to pay close attention, to distinguish between options, to listen to a voice outside our own. As Christians we listen closely to the voice of our Father, asking the Holy Spirit for guidance and the gift of wisdom. Each of us at Christ Church is in discernment during Deep Roots, New Season. This will not only lead us to a financial decision; it will also lead us to Christlike transformation, both individually and corporately. This Sunday I will talk more about discernment, not only as it relates to this moment in our parish, but also to the Christian life in general.

It is fitting that Deep Roots, New Season arrives at this point in the church calendar, where in the weeks ahead we contemplate the sacrificial generosity of our Lord’s Passion, on the one hand, with resurrection joy and abundance on the other.

Peace, Cliff+

PS Come join us onsite at the new property tomorrow morning for the workday, house blessing and prayer walk! See details below.

PSS We’ll have some architectural renderings of the new property to share this Sunday, not the actual design (we’re not there yet), but an imaginative exercise in what’s possible.