A Historic Sunday

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Dear Christ Church,

“I like to be in the middle of things.” That was one of my favorite moments from last Monday’s Capital Campaign vision meeting, when Eleanor Chote said those words. She was reflecting on how years ago we worshipped on a hill with an inspiring view of the Austin skyline, our mission field. I loved Monday night! It was such a beautiful buzzing demonstration of the Christ Church community. And now as we come to a vote on the property at 112 Medina St., we anticipate life and ministry in that skyline, “in the middle of things.”

One of the exciting things we mentioned Monday night was our plan, pending Sunday’s vote, to begin use of the property immediately this spring with a 3rd service on Sunday evenings, a worshipping and missional community of Christ Church-ers on the Eastside within the next few months! We will renovate the structure with design that we hope will bring utility, blessing, and beauty to the parish and neighborhood. That won’t be complete until fall of 2016 but we will have a presence and be making use of the facility in the meantime.

We also discussed a timetable for church planting, the most effective way Christ Church can reach nonbelievers in other parts of the city. The upcoming Capital Campaign to raise $2.5 million is mostly for the property, but also local mission and church planting.

Please take some time to read this Capital Campaign Case, if you haven’t already.

You can listen to last Monday night’s significant meeting here, in case you missed it.

And here is an updated FAQ with information related to the full scope of plans related to the property, mission and church planting. And if you don’t see your question there, please write us at property@christchurchofaustin.org.

Lastly, we will have a special parish meeting this Sunday 10:15-10:45am for a parish vote on both the property purchase and a vote of affirmation for our new Vestry candidates: Evelyn Beauchamp, Mike Murphy and Paula Wendling (see last week’s CliffNotes for bios). This is a great group of people God has brought to expand our Vestry. God has given us such great unity and joy in working together on the Vestry in this past (very momentous) year; we look forward to expanding the circle, building community and putting hand to plow with these new Vestry members. Please uphold this new Vestry in your prayers, especially as we go on retreat together to kick it off January 23-24.

For the sake of God’s good news,