Fruitful and Prayerful

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Happy New Year! These are exciting times. I believe we are entering a season of fruitfulness in our church. Each time we enter the New Year I listen and gauge what the Lord seems to be up to in the life and mission of Christ Church. This year the word “fruitful” keeps coming to mind, not only for 2015, but maybe even beyond. We enter the year very healthy by all measures with good soil, mature branches, and ripening fruit. Please pray with us as we listen for what that means in practical terms as a community, and for what harvests might be coming in your own life and circles of relationships. This is the first invitation to prayer.

Another prayer request: with the New Year comes a full tilt into prayer and decisions about our property and the larger vision God is giving Christ Church. The Vestry has formally and wholeheartedly recommended this property to the parish. We have Open House at the property, a parish vote, and a capital campaign vision meeting in the next few weeks. Please add this process to your prayers, for Holy Spirit covering, and please make every effort to attend each of these events. This is an exciting and extraordinary moment in the life and history Christ Church.

Thirdly, our Mission Team has set aside January 5th as a day of fasting and prayer fordiscernment regarding our 2nd global partner. Specifically, we are asking the Lord if He is inviting us into a long-term commitment to join the Diocese of Singapore’s vision and mission to multiply disciples, leaders and churches in Cambodia’s capital city (Phnom Penh). The ultimate aim is to plant a whole new Diocese that would be led by Cambodian nationals as a fruitful mission base for that country for decades to come. We will break fast on January 6th, the Feast of the Epiphany, which is a missionary feast celebrating the first Gentile encounter with Jesus (the three Wise Men). Will you fast and pray with us? Please send any words the Lord might give you to:

Lastly, this is a time of year when many people consider their Bible reading habits. We absorb the flavors of eternity when we steep ourselves in the story and speech of God. Here is a comprehensive resource on the many different approaches to Bible reading. The bottom line in my book? Just pick one, any one that is realistic for your life. Pick one and read and let the aroma of Christ fill you.

In joyful service to the Lord of the harvest,