Thanksgiving and Advent

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

In this week when we aim our hearts at the bullseye of gratitude, I thank God that I get to be pastor to a community like you, a parish full of wholehearted worshippers, devoted disciples and risk-taking missionaries in your own “backyard.” You inspire and encourage me as the family of God.

Can you believe Advent is here? One of the central themes of Advent is waiting; just as Israel waited for the birth of the Messiah two thousand years ago, we wait for Jesus to come again. Adele Calhoun has this to say about the challenge of waiting, “Waiting is one of God’s immensely sweeping invitations. To wait expectantly and with open hands requires a relinquishment of control that gets at the roots of our motivations, fears and idols. It is where we learn that God isn’t a genie; and happiness is not a matter of God meeting our expectations. While we wait, we sense the naked vulnerability of trust. No matter how disciplined, organized and prayerful we get, we never outgrow God’s invitation to wait. The learning curve is life long.”

This Sunday we begin an Advent preaching series called “What to Expect When We’re Expecting: Letters to a Church in Waiting.” Join us and bring a friend to experience this special season of the Christian year. You’ll also notice some slight differences to our liturgy and prayer that set this apart as a time of expectation and anticipation for the coming of our King.

Happy Thanksgiving and a blessed kickoff to Advent!