Wounded Hearts

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Dear Christ Church,

The basic reason why a minister must pray is not because he is a minister (that would savour of official piety, always an odious thing), but because he is a poor, needy creature dependent on God’s grace. ” When I first read these words I thought, “Yes I must, because yes I am!” I resonated with these words of James Stewart in his book Heralds of God, one of my sabbatical selections.

Though Stewart is addressing ministers as his main audience, these words are true of every single individual. We are all poor, needy creatures dependent on God’s grace, which is why we have turned our attention this fall, during our Sunday gatherings, to encounter the Living God in times of healing prayer, confession and ministry.

This Sunday we continue our series on Encountering Jesus as we hear from his word and have opportunity to seek prayer ministry from one of the many teams that will be stationed around the room. Let’s be bold about admitting our poor, needy, creaturely dependence, and seek together the healing touch of Jesus. And then let’s go out as agents of healing to our broken and hurting world.