Welcome Aboard, Sarah!

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Dear Christ Church,

This week we want to help you get to know our newest staff member a little better. Sarah Smith is our first Pastoral Intern, working half time to learn and grow in parish ministry. Below is the transcript of an interview with Sarah.

Q: How did you come to a relationship with Jesus?

A: I grew up in Houston, and became a Christian in high school. I had only attended church a few times with my grandmother, but the Lord gave me a Christian friend who asked me to come to a youth night. I love thinking about how her simple invitation changed the trajectory of my life. I said yes to following Jesus two months later.

Q: What are some highlights from your time serving with InterVarsity?

A: At Trinity University, I joined InterVarsity and grew in my love for Scripture and mission. I graduated with a degree in Mathematics, and then did the next logical thing: became a campus minister with InterVarsity. I served for six years at UT with Asian American Campus Ministry, and I have cherished seeing college students encounter Jesus. Some of my favorite memories are of discipling women who had just come to faith. Several of them have now seen their families come to faith, which is deeply significant to me, as that remains a prayer request of my own.

Q: How can we as a congregation pray for you while you serve as a pastoral intern at Christ Church?

A: In this season I have an invitation from the Lord to focus on being a learner, both at Fuller Theological Seminary and Christ Church. Ultimately I hope my time in the internship will increase the capacity and quality of my love for God and others. We are also asking that He shed light on our next steps in vocational ministry. I say “our” because I get the privilege of journeying with my husband Drew, son Isaac (3), and daughter Anna (4 months).

Q: You, like many of us, did not grow up in the Anglican tradition, what has it been like as you have made the transition?

Coming to Christ Church a year and a half ago felt a bit like coming home to a place we had never been. Community enveloped our family, liturgy and sacramental worship spoke to our hearts, and there was an exhale inside of me that said, “This is a people to learn from.” Who knew I’d get to make some of that learning more formal through this internship!

While much of being a part of a liturgical community connected immediately, there are some parts that feel foreign. Occasionally, I think about starting a Twitter account to chronicle all I’m learning about being Anglican. Things like, “I couldn’t get up from the wooden kneeler because I didn’t know you need to put a pillow there first,” or, “I used to think I knew how to pronounce ‘collect.’ I was wrong.” I’m thankful for a grace-filled community with whom I get to learn a new way of life.

Thank you, Sarah! And welcome aboard!