Work Matters

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Dear Christ Church,

Ask anyone what “labor” means and you might hear about childbirth, economics or unions. Mostly simply, labor means work. This Labor Day weekend is a great time to pay attention to the activity that takes up more of our waking hours than any other single endeavor: our work. This is true whether we get paid or not; volunteering, homemaking, and gardening are all forms of work.

Have you ever noticed in the early chapters of Genesis that work is not a result of the fall? We were charged with the cultivation and oversight of the garden before sin entered the world. Lesslie Newbigin writes about our labor in Signs Amid the Rubble: “Every faithful act of service, every honest labor to make the world a better place, which seemed to have been forever lost and forgotten in the rubble of history, will be seen on that day [at the final resurrection] to have contributed to the perfect fellowship of God’s kingdom…. All who committed their work in faithfulness to God will be by Him raised up to share in the new age, and will find that their labor was not lost, but that it has found its place in the completed kingdom.”

Your faithful work matters to God. For some good resources to grow in your understanding of faith and work, check out these great websites: here and here.

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Have a happy and safe weekend!