Cooperative Friendship

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

This week’s Cliffnotes is a guest post by Fr. Peter Coelho.

Dear Christ Church,

“The new life story God is writing for us is this: he intends to have a people on earth who happily, easily and routinely embody, announce, and demonstrate the rule and reign of his kingdom.”

Bishop Todd Hunter writes these words in the first chapter, “What If You Knew You Were Going to Live Tomorrow?” of his book Christianity Beyond Belief. In this chapter and throughout the book Bishop Hunter unpacks what it means to live as a part of God’s kingdom in “cooperative friendship with God.”

That phrase, “cooperative friendship”, and the lines above capture so much, what a privileged life! This is the life I want, and the life we all so deeply long for; to live, by the power of God, in friendship with him, living out his good, just, and beautiful purposes, in the midst of ordinary life. I long to bear witness to Jesus and the arrival of God’s kingdom in the winsome, natural, and joyful ways Bishop Hunter describes.

Bishop Hunter will be with us at Christ Church this weekend, teaching on Saturday night (see the information below) on the content of his book and worshipping with us on Sunday morning. I’m so looking forward to hearing with you what God has to say to us through Bishop Hunter. Two of the things I most appreciate about Bishop Hunter’s teaching are his very practical wisdom, he understands the challenges and struggles of following Jesus in everyday life, and his powerful use of images to simply communicate the truth of the Gospel. He is a gifted and gracious teacher, and I know his time with us will be a blessing. I hope you can join us!

In Christ,