Firecracker Blessing

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

This week’s CliffNotes is a guest post by Ann Cushman of the Mission Team.

Dear Christ Church,

Pop, pop, pop. Guatemalans celebrate birthdays early in the morning with a string of firecrackers. On my first trip to Guatemala to help with Potter’s House, I was fortunate to have a bedroom window atSeteca that faced the street. I am not a morning person, but there was something about those crackers that warmed me. Our first day in one of the dump communities where we worked, one of the families greeted us with the firecrackers, too. They celebrated a hope and thankfulness. The boys in the family grinned ear-to-ear. What a way to start the day!

During the week we worked on leveling dirt floors and pouring cement in two homes. It was backbreaking work, but there was so much joy in the process as we worked side-by-side with the families and got to know them.

There were some small boys in the community that were no more than five or six. As we filled wheelbarrows with sand and rocks to the mixer, there they were carrying pails back and forth with us. I was amazed at how hard those little guys worked. They also knew how to take breaks, laugh, and play.

This Sunday morning, we will be commissioning the Guatemala team as we send them to take the light of Christ into a dark place. For some, this is a return trip, and others they are experiencing the poverty in Guatemala City for the first time. You may not be able to go, but you can sure be part of this wonderful outreach. What can you do?

  • Learn about Potter’s House and their ministry to the Treasures. Visit their Web site and learn about the Eight Forms of Poverty. Don’t miss the videos!
  • Pray daily for the team.
  • For last minute preparations prior to departure, that all would fall into place smoothly. It’s a bit crazy getting ready to leave the country.
  • For safe travel to and from Guatemala and while they travel the roads in the city and countryside.
  • That all will remain healthy. There are stresses on the body from the altitude and different diet while there.
  • That the Gospel may reach into the hearts of the Treasures that don’t know Christ. The team will do prayer visits with families in the communities and some do not yet know Him or have fallen away.
  • That Christ will speak into the hearts of those that are serving; our team and the Potter’s House staff. Being in the midst of such need can be overwhelming.

Please join us Sunday as we bless and send off the team. I can’t wait to hear stories that come from this year’s visit and how God’s presence brought brightness and hope.

Cristo Vive,