Thankful for a Leader

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

This week’s CliffNotes is a guest post by Peter Coelho, Associate Rector.

Dear Christ Church,

This coming June, 900 clergy and lay members from across North America will gather in Latrobe, Pennsylvania for the biennial Anglican Church of North America (ACNA) Assembly. The assembly is a wonderful time of powerful teaching and vision casting. It is also a lot of fun as Anglicans from across the continent swap stories and share in the joy of God’s expanding kingdom. Brian Murphy and I are excited to be attending as representatives of Christ Church!

This year the assembly will involve the introduction of our new Archbishop. The Archbishop serves as “head overseer” of the ACNA, providing leadership and pastoral support to the College of Bishops, clergy and congregations of our province. Until now Robert Duncan has been our Archbishop. In this role Archbishop Duncan has been a humble, courageous, and sacrificial leader. I’m delighted there will be the opportunity to celebrate “Archbishop Bob” at the assembly. He has been a tremendous example of servant leadership.

In the lead up to the Assembly ACNA bishops will be gathering to elect from their ranks our new Archbishop. During this process they have asked for prayer for this process, and have included a litany (a list of prayers) for our use. Please join me in praying for the bishops as they discern the Lord’s leading in this decision. May the Holy Spirit guide and direct them in the election of a godly leader for this moment in our history, and may the head of the church, our Lord Jesus Christ, be lifted up in the life of the ACNA!

In Christ,

PS: It is my hope that as we continue to move through the Easter season the beauty and wonder of the resurrection will continue to fill your hearts, drawing you to Jesus and building you up in faith, hope, and love.