A Holy Week Journey

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

This week’s CliffNotes is a guest post by Bryan Brown, Worship Pastor

This Sunday begins the final steps of our journey to Easter. Lent began with an acknowledgment that “from dust we came and to dust we will return.” In this Sunday’s sermon, we will explore the opportunity that Holy Week provides to join in the God’s grand story of redemption. As we are guided by the rhythms of Holy Week, the gravity of our sin comes into ever sharper focus, something that seldom occurs in the midst of the scramble of our lives. From Palm Sunday to Maundy Thursday to Good Friday to Holy Saturday, we are given a unique opportunity to once again be reminded of the reality of our need for God’s grace and of His abundant mercy in providing it in the death and resurrection of Christ.

There is a hymn that always comes to mind at this time of year. I only remember snippets of it at first and then I reread the whole text and find myself longing to walk the road again through Holy Week, ready to acknowledge my fault and receive once again the embrace of God’s immeasurable love.

From the hymn “To mock your reign, O dearest Lord”
Words by Fred Pratt Green

To mock your reign, O dearest Lord,
they made a crown of thorns;
set you with taunts along that road
from which no one returns.
They did not know, as we do now,
that glorious is your crown;
that thorns would flower upon your brow,
your sorrows heal our own.

In mock acclaim, O gracious Lord,
they snatched a purple cloak,
your passion turned, for all they cared,
into a soldier’s joke.
They did not know, as we do now,
that though we merit blame
you will your robe of mercy throw
around our naked shame.

A sceptered reed, O patient Lord,
they thrust into your hand,
and acted out their grim charade
to its appointed end.
They did not know, as we do now,
though empires rise and fall,
your Kingdom shall not cease to grow
till love embraces all.