Sabbatical Goodbye

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

What a gift to begin Lent with you at our Ash Wednesday services! The Spirit of God was thick among us, a holy and beautiful moment in the life of ourworshipping community.

I’m going to miss you. While my family and I are very grateful and excited about the next few months, I feel a bit sad, sober and nostalgic today as the reality sets in: eight years of Sundays with you, of being led so beautifully in worship by Bryan Brown, of hearing your voices shout the liturgical proclamations (I love your wholehearted way of doing that!), of seeing beloved familiar faces and welcoming strangers and seekers.

As I write this CliffNotes for the last time until August, and approach this final Sunday before my sabbatical begins, let me point you again to these resources; you’ll find all the sabbatical information in one place. Not all who subscribe to this e-news go to Christ Church, but it’s especially important for all you Christ Church-ers to read them and track with what God is doing in our parish these next few months.

I want to leave you with three invitations: Practice Rest,Learn to Be Free and Break Bread.

Invitation #1: Practice Rest; read the Rest of God by Mark Buchanan this Lent. This is our Lent 2014 book choice. Join the Vestry, the staff and the whole parish as we learn the art of Sabbath-keeping, a countercultural and defiant act of trust.

Invitation #2: Learn to Be Free; that’s the title of our six-month sermon series on the book of Exodus, beginning this Sunday. These past few months I’ve sensed the Lord leading us into this foundational Old Testament book for a long exploration of His character and our calling to be a liberated people. I’ll kick it off this Sunday with Exodus chapter one, and hand off the baton to Peter and other staff and guests.

Invitation #3: Break Bread. This one’s actually an invitation you extend. Here’s the idea: between now and August 1st invite three people/households you don’t know to share a meal. Make two of them Christ Church-ers and the other someone who doesn’t know Jesus or have a church home. Hospitality restores.

Christine and I and our kids covet your prayers; we will hold you up in prayer and with much love.