Get on Your Boots!

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Get on your boots! Join us tonight for a party, the Shrove Friday Hoecake Hoedown. Shrove is the past tense of shrive, which means to receive forgiveness upon one’s confession of sins. Many people throughout Christian history would seek forgiveness of sins, a soul-cleansing, before entering Lent, which begins with Ash Wednesday. This is where we get the phrase Shrove Tuesday. We are doing it on a Friday because we want to free up next week for everyone to worship in one of the Ash Wednesday services (see below).

One more thing about the tradition of Shrove Tuesday; it’s often associated with a festive pancake supper because people would use up all the rich ingredients in their home before they began fasting during Lent. There you have it, a brief history of the Christ Church Shrove Friday Hoecake Hoedown. Oh! What does line dancing have to do with all this? Why that hoedown part? . . . because after much prayer and discernment we came to this conclusion: Why not?

Join us tonight, and I hope you”ll come to either the noonday or 7pm Ash Wednesday service next week; it’s a very important part of living the Christian year, and an essential kickoff to observing a Holy Lent.

You might have received an update from the Vestry and me this week, regarding my upcoming sabbatical. If not, here it is. March 9 will be our last Sunday. Christine and I and the kids will miss you and look forward to hearing stories upon our return.


PS Do you have a copy of our Lenten book of the year: The Rest of God? The Vestry and staff will be discussing it. The whole parish is invited to read it as well. What a powerful thing that could be! This Sunday I’ll be preaching on Sabbath-keeping.