Why Business Matters to God

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

The two things I want to highlight for you today, our financial pledges and our Faith & Work seminar, have one common denominator: oblation. This is a strange and beautiful word. Oblation is the act of making an offering in the context of worship, something offered in devotion, a holy gift.

We make an oblation when we bring our tithes and offerings to the Lord, for the sake of his church and kingdom. This Sunday, the financial pledges you make for 2014 are a generous response to God’sextravagant grace.

That’s also what we do when we go to work each day, whether in a cubicle, in sales, in the home or behind a pulpit. We are offering our embodied selves, our gifts and talents, our time and effort as a holy gift, in devotion to God. Your daily work is an oblation, an offering made in worship. If you would like to grow in understanding the connection between Sunday and Monday, worship and work, and especially if you want to grow a Christian vision for business and the marketplace, then don’t miss this outstanding seminar: Why Business Matters to God. We are sponsoring a seminar with Jeff Van Duzer, author of a book by the same title, on Feb. 22. See details below.

Each week during Holy Eucharist, when we lift up the bread and the wine, fruits of human labor, we are offering up ourselves and all of creation as an oblation to the Lord. And that’s why I invite you this Sunday to bring your financial pledges, the fruits of your labor, up to the Lord’s Table as part of our worship. We offer our work, our finances and our very selves, with all of creation, as a holy gift to God.