Awed by God’s Blazing Glory

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

The birth narrative in the gospels of Matthew and Luke is chock full of the blazing glory of God in the shining presence of angels, of fear and awe, of shepherds and wise men dropping to the ground in worship of Christ the King. Our sermon series, “Come Let Us Adore Him,” continues with a rediscovery of the heart of worship, this week focusing on the kind of encounter with God that leaves us awestruck or dumbstruck, full of the fear of the Lord as we remove our shoes and kneel before our holy God. Join us for “Awed,” week 2 in the Advent sermon series.

If you want to get off the treadmill of this season, slow down and get quiet in God’s presence, come on out tomorrow morning for our Advent Quiet Day. This is a treasure. Go once and you’ll be hooked every Advent and Lenten Quiet Day to come. See below for details.

Speaking of something awesome enough to inspire reverential silence and contemplation. . . . how about sampling some of the best chili west of the Mississippi this Sunday? The Men’s Chili Cookoff and Ceili is here! What do Advent, chili and Celtic music/dance have to do with each other? Absolutely nothing. But like a good chili, the imaginative combination of ingredients yields surprisingly fun results. Men, fire up your crockpots! See sign-up form below.

Peace on Earth, Cliff