Thank God

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Dear Christ Church,

I have an idea for a fresh way to approach this Thanksgiving week. Let’s cultivate a defiant gratitude by thinking of one or two of the most difficult arenas of life right now and right there, in that desolate place, give thanks to God for every good thing that you can think of. Gratitude sometimes overflows; sometimes it’s a discipline.

Advent begins this Sunday, a four-week season set apart to get ready for the coming of Jesus. He came. He comes. He will come again. Here are a few things that you’ll notice that set this season apart:

1] Sermons: Through our Advent preaching series, “Come Let Us Adore Him,” we will rediscover the heart of worship.

2] Prayer Focus: During our Prayers of the People, we will spotlight one local or global injustice, for which we will cry out, “Come Lord Jesus and let your light shatter the darkness, bring deliverance and freedom; restore your creation!”3] Liturgy/Worship: You will notice several changes that set this season apart, from the smell of incense to different vestments, and from new music to the lighting of the Advent candle to begin worship. And don’t forget the Advent Parish Quiet Day (see below).In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful this week for you, a fun-loving community of grace and authenticity, of zeal and fidelity. I thank God that I get to participate in and pastor such a church!
Peace, Cliff
PS Men, fire up those crock-pots and cook some chili for the cook-off! We need you!