Hodgepodge Friday

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

On this Hodgepodge Friday here are a few links and resources related to our mission and life together:

1] We’ve shown it at the retreat and in worship, but here’s the link in case you want to share with friends this hilarious video of some Christ Church staff. You can see more of Stephen Henderson’s great work here. Thank you Stephen! And a mighty big THANK YOU to Patrick Wicker for the excellent work as our Retreat Coordinator! It’s an enormous job. Be sure to thank Patrick next time you see him.

2] The recent flooding in Austin is truly a disaster, desperately in need of more workers to serve among those most affected. As usual, it is the poor who suffer most. The Austin Disaster and Relief Network (ADRN) will hold training for Disaster Relief Shepherds next week. I would love to have a dozen Christ Church-ers there. Will you be one?

3] Tish Warren, a deacon at Christ Church, recently published this online article on the subject of women’s ordination. This piece fills a gap in the sometimes polarizing discussion.

4] It’s hard to obey the command to love our neighbors (literally) if we don’t even know them. What if God’s people began to be difference-makers in our own neighborhoods? This article, though not written specifically for Christians, is full of great ideas for how we can take practical steps to pursue the art of neighborliness. Men, note the website . . . it’s not just up to women to lead the way by baking cookies. Peace, Cliff PS Get your tickets for Ashley Cleveland.! You won’t want to miss this. See below for details. .


PS Get your tickets for Ashley Cleveland! You won’t want to miss this concert.