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Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

CliffNotes this week is chock full of updates all the way to the bottom!

Martin Luther, a saintly 16th century reformer of the church and lover of God’s creation writes, “Now if I believe in God’s Son and remember that He became man, all creatures ?will appear a hundred times more beautiful to me than before. Then I will? properly appreciate the sun, the moon, the stars, trees, and apples as I reflect ?that he is Lord over all things.” This weekend a chord of three strands are braided together: Reformation Day, All Saints Day and our Bible and Ecology emphasis this Sunday.

Christ Church is co-sponsoring an outstanding event this Sunday evening, 5pm at the AT&T Conference Center, on the Bible and Ecology. Dr. Richard Bauckham, one of the most respected New Testament scholars of his generation, will give the keynote address See details here. One of our co-sponsors is A Rocha, a pioneer international Christian conservation organization founded by Peter and Miranda Harris, doing very good work creation care and bearing witness to the gospel around the world. Peter, an Anglican priest from the U.K., will preach at Christ Church Sunday morning.

What is All Saints Day, anyway? I’m glad you asked. It is the day on our church calendar when we thank God for all saints, dead and living, for the community of the baptized and “the cloud of witnesses” that cheer us on to live our Christian identity. Speaking of “the baptized,” we celebrated the sacrament of baptism for these Christ Church-ers last weekend at the retreat: St.Chelsea Brown, St. Ethan Sempsrott, St. Luke Sempsrott, St. Luke Fender, St. Jaden Fender, St. Rob Fender, St. Tom Weaver, St. Irma Weaver, St.Shelby Buck and St. Asher Spies. Congratulations, you saints of God!

Two quick hits for you to consider: [1] After the flash floods of this week, the Austin Disaster and Relief Network is mobilizing to serve families affected. They need more Disaster Relief Shepherds for such a time as this. If you would like to consider training, learn more here (training this Sunday afternoon). If you would like to learn about other ways to serve people affected by the floods, you may contact Jack McCool. [2] We have extended the Explore God discussion group at Foodheads for a few weeks. Do you have a friend to invite? This Wednesday, 6:30pm at Foodheads, dinner provided.

Lastly, as we near the end of the year, please join me in gratitude for our Vestry: St. Meghan Scully (Senior Warden), St. Jack McCool, St. Len Skiles, St. Sheri Tolliver, St. Blake Mathews and St. Eric Kaufman. As St. Jack and St. Len rotate off this year, we especially thank God for their service and ask your prayers as the Vestry listens to the Holy Spirit for next year’s Vestry composition.

St. Cliff