Prayer for the Retreat

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Dear Christ Church,

Here are three things I am praying for our Parish Retreat:

1] That God would awaken in us a passion for spiritual formation and mission, and how those two depend on each other: changed lives for a changed world.

2] For joy, rest and laughter as the family of God. Be sure to arrive in time to kick it off with Bluegrass and BBQ Friday afternoon!

3] For the many baptismal candidates, more than we’ve ever had, who will stand before us all in this sacrament and public declaration that they belong to Jesus. May they know the power and presence of God, and may we all renew our own baptismal covenant.

Please join me in prayer for and anticipation of all that God will do among us! And don’t forget . . . no worship at the TexFed this Sunday. Join us at Highland Lakes!


P.S. Christ Church is co-sponsoring a fantastic gathering of people for the Bible and Ecology event. Come join us!