Church Plant in Georgetown!

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

On Fourth of July weekend 2012 we launched a second campus of Christ Church under the leadership of Fr. Steve Pope and Fr. Billy Disch, to reach out to the 10,000 residents (and growing) of Sun City. We sent out a core team that was soon joined by others in the area to create a community averaging more than 40 people in worship each week, with about that many also participating in weekday small groups!

Christ Church Sun City is now ready to take the next step of faith in their church planting adventure, organizing as their own parish, no longer a campus of Christ Church Austin. We will continue for some time as their sponsor church. Fr. Steve Pope will serve as the Rector, with Fr. Billy Disch as Associate Rector, both serving as non-stipendiary priests.

Part of the expanding vision for this church plant is to extend the scope of their vision from serving mostly the retirement age generation to becoming a truly intergenerational church; and from a Sun City orientation to a church reaching out to the greater Georgetown area.

I am struck by how many things there are to celebrate about this story: (1) a vision to expand gospel impact to the greater Georgetown area and to all generations; (2) the example to us all of Frs. Steve and Billy, who in “retirement” are faithful disciples and servants still; (3) the faith to not “hold steady” or “play it safe” in status quo, but to take the next bold step; (4) the growth of North American Anglicanism and (5) the joy of remembering, in particular, the 12 years of pastoral leadership Fr. Billy Disch gave to our own community as my predecessor. We stand on his shoulders, and Fr. Allen Green before him, upon their predecessors and all the faithful people of God like you that serve as gospel-ers, reaching out to a lost and broken world so that no one would stand alone. It is our prayer now that in Georgetown, Texas no one would stand alone. Join us in praying that every single person in Georgetown would stand in the company of Christ and his people, for generations to come.

For the praise of His glory.


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