Atheism and the Supper of the Lamb

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Is there a God? The late Arthur Leff, a Yale law professor, wrote a classic essay on human rights and ethics in which he says, “As things are now,everything is up for grabs. Nevertheless: na-palming babies is bad. Starving the poor is wicked. Buying and selling each other is depraved . . . .There is such a thing as evil” (as quoted in The Reason for God, T. Keller). Is there a God? Ifnot, why do we have such a strong sense of the difference between good and evil? Join us this Sunday as I interview philosopher Dr. Steve Dilley about the existence of God in our next topic of the Explore God series.

We had a great first week of Explore God, as many of you brought friends to Sunday worship, small group or the Wednesday night dinner and discussion group (6:30pm) at Foodheads. Bring a friend, a skeptic or seeker, to week two!

My love for topic of meals, food and the kingdom of God is no secret! In my sermons and especially at Come to the Table youmight have heard me quote The Rev. Robert Farrar Capon, a priest-theologian-chef whose writings are among my favorite. He died this past week, so I leave you with a quote from The Supper of the Lamb:

“Since God does not need creation, its whole reason for being must lie in its own goodness; He has no use for it; only delight. Just think what that means. We were not made in God’s image for nothing. The child’s preference for sweets over spinach, mankind’s universal love of the toothsome rather than the nutritious is the mark of our greatness . . . We have eyes which see what He sees, lips which praise what He praises, and mouths which relish things, because He first pronounced them good. The world is no disposable ladder to heaven. Earth is not convenient, it is good; it is, by God’s design, our lawful love. Another toast then.”

Indeed, a toast to Fr. Capon!

P.S. Three cheers to all the Christ Church-ers who are planting our fall Urban Garden for the Homeless this Saturday!